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Queensland Gaskets has a wide range of gasket materials in stock suitable for a broad range of applications. Our materials are of the highest quality and include brands such as Tesnit®, Tesnitallic®, BlueMax®, Sealrite® and Sepco®.

We have other materials in stock.  Let us know if there's a particular specification you require (eg. AS4623 ) we'll ensure we can offer something that meets your demand.

Tesnit BAGL 3000
Tesnit ® BA-GL 3000

Non Asbestos Sheet Jointing

  • Colour: BlueGreen Anti Stick Finish
  • Binder: NBR
  • Fibre: Glass fibres
  • Fluid Service: Environmentally Friendly gasket material with excellent torque retention and thermal resistance
  • Temperature: Continuous 350°C / Peak 440°C
  • Pressure Max: 120 bar / 1740 psi

BAM (oxygen), DIN-DVGW DIN 3535-6, DVGW VP 401, TARC/MRPRA, TA-Luft (VDI 2440), WRAS/WQc, Germanischer Lloyd, Fire safe API 607

Compliant with DIN 28091-2 and B.S.7531 GRADE X requirements

Printable Specification Sheet

Tesnit BAU
Tesnit ® BA-U

Non Asbestos Sheet Joining

  • Colour: Blue Anti Stick Finish
  • Binder: NBR
  • Fibre: Aramid fibres
  • Fluid Service: Gasket Material with good mechanical chemical and thermal properties. Excellent gasket material for general use with extremely wide application range.
  • Temperature: Continuous 250°C / Peak 350°C
  • Pressure Max: 100 bar / 1450 psi


BAM, CRS, DIN-DVGW (DIN 3535/6), DVGW W270, Germanischer Lloyd, HTB (DVGW VP 401), DVGW KTW, TA-LUFT (VDI 2440), WRAS/WQc

Printable Specification Sheet

Tesnit BAC
Tesnit ® BA-C

Non Asbestos Sheet Joining

  • Colour: Off white Anti Stick Finish
  • Binder: CSM
  • Fibre: Aramide fibre
  • Fluid Service: Gasket material with very good resistance to acids and alkaline media
  • Temperature: Continuous 150°C / Peak 200°C
  • Pressure Max: 60 bar / 870 psi

Gasket material for sealing of extremely aggressive media in many industries.

TA-LUFT (VDI 2440)

Printable Specification Sheet

Tesnit BAN
Tesnit ® BA-N

Non Asbestos Sheet Jointing

  • Colour: Black Graphite - Blue Reverse
  • Binder: CR (Neoprene)
  • Fibre: Aramide
  • Fluid Service: Gasket Material with extremely good resistance to cooling media
  • Temperature: Continuous 270°C / Peak 350°C
  • Pressure Max: 100 bar / 1450psi

Gasket material for sealing of different applications in the refrigeration industry.  Also appropriate for general application.

Printable Specification Sheet

Tesnit BA-R
Tesnit ® BA-R

Non Asbestos Sheet Joining

  • Colour: Black Graphited
  • Binder: NBR
  • Fibre: Aramide fibre, Wire Reinforced
  • Fluid Service: Wire Reinforced Gasket Material with great strength
  • Temperature: Continuous 350°C Peak 400°C
  • Pressure Max: 140 bar / 2030 psi

Automotive, Petrochemical Industry, Shipyards

Germanischer Lloyd, CRS approved

Printable Specification Sheet

Tesnit BACF
Tesnit ® BA-CF

Non Asbestos Sheet Joining

  • Colour: Grey Anti Stick Finish
  • Binder: NBR
  • Fibre: Carbon fibres
  • Fluid Service: Gasket material with excellent resistance against steam and strong alkalies
  • Temperature: Continuous 300°C / Peak 400°C
  • Pressure Max: 100 bar / 1450 psi

DIN-DVGW DIN3535-6, DVGW VP 401, DVGW KTW, BAM (Oxygen), Germanischer Lloyd

Printable Specification Sheet

Tesnit BA50
Tesnit ® BA-50

Non Asbestos Sheet Jointing

  • Colour: Green
  • Binder: NBR
  • Fibre: Aramide
  • Fluid Service: Gasket material with good mechanical and chemical properties
  • Temperature: Continuous 220°C / Peak 280°C
  • Pressure Max: 80 bar / 1160psi

Material has a wide general application in gas, food, and chemical industry

DVGW 3535/6, DVGW KTW, DVGW W270, CRS, Germanischer Lloyd, TA-LUFT (VDI 2440), TARC/MRPRA, WRAS/WQc


Tesnit Doniflex
Tesnit ® Doniflex

Non asbestos Sheet Jointing

  • Colour: Silver
  • Binder: NBR
  • Fibre: Twaron® Armaide fibre with graphite
  • Fluid Service: Outstanding Chemical and thermal resistance Doniflex is a most suitable choice for application in flanges, valves, pumps, heat exchangers, in construction of power plants, heating systems, and for application in the chemical industry
  • Temperature: Continuous 400°C
  • Pressure Max: 80 bar / 1160 psi

BS7531 Grade X, KWT, WRc, API spec.6FA


Cork-Elastomer Jointing
Cork-Elastomer Jointing

Rubberised Cork

  • Colour: Varies depending on rubber and cork content
  • Binder: Nitrile, Neoprene, or other Synthetic Rubbers
  • Fibre: Cork
  • Fluid Service: Hyraulic and Tranformer oils
  • Temperature: Call to discuss your requirement with our sales team
  • Pressure Max: N/A

We have stock of a range of cork materials with varying amounts of cork and rubber.  This combination creates a gasket material with the natural compressibility of cork and the resilience and mechanical strength of rubber.

Rubber Material

We stock a large range of rubber material in a variety of thickness and colours.

Viton ®, Neoprene(CR), Nitrile(NBR), Rubber Insertion(RI), Natural Rubber, Diaphragm Rubber, Soft Nitrile, White Nitrile, Teflon, Silicone, FRAS, SAR, and others.

Rubber Gasket Material
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