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Carl Quarterman (L). Grant Field, MGI South Queensland (R)
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Carl Quarterman (L), Guy Quarterman (R). Two generations of Queensland Gaskets.

Since 1953

Queensland Gaskets is an Australian Family owned and operated manufacturing business situated in the Salisbury Industrial area of Brisbane. We have been manufacturing the highest quality industrial gaskets and sealing devices for more than 65 years.

Using up to date machinery, a comprehensive range of soft cut gaskets for the Australian industrial and automotive markets is manufactured from a wide range of gasket materials.

Our gaskets are used by sugar mills, hospitals, mining, ship building, alumina plants, railways, truck assembly plants, sewerage plants, pipeline constructions, water supply, foundries, breweries, food processing plants, fire prevention, refrigeration, sand mining and dredging, electricity generation and many other applications.

More than just gaskets, we are cutting specialists manufacturing Metal, Shim, Graphite, Engineering Plastic, Felt, Fibre and rubber components for mining and engineering applications. Our machinery includes high pressure abrasive water jet cutting, CNC table Router, press, and slitting capabilities.

Quality Assurance

Queensland Gaskets operates using an externally audited ISO Certification body. We are certified to ISO9001:2015 for our Quality Management System.

Our quality policy is simple, Right Goods - Right First Time." It is always at the forefront of what we do and how we do it. Queensland Gaskets is committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of what we do, including our ability to meet the needs and expections of our customers

AIDN Member

Queensland Gaskets is a proud member of the Defence supply chain. Typically situated as a Tier 1 or Tier 2 supplier we provide rubber and plastic components providing part of Australia's Defence Industry Capability. We have been a member of AIDN since 2011 and find this an excellent source of networking opportunities and information gathering regarding defence projects.

LAND121 Overlander Project

Haulmark Trailers - Rubber mud flaps, stoppers and large components for trailers. Also supplying engineered plastic components for Phase 3B build which started Sept. 2015. Continued support for Phase 3a and Phase 2.

LAND 2072 Phase 2B

Numerous converted parts supplied in to project with Boeing Defence Australia for Battlespace Communications Programme.

Joint Strike Fighter

Supply Chain with Ferra Australia and Heat Treatment Australia. Our products are currently embedded in the Electronic Warfare and Mission Systems on the Joint Strike Fighter.

Collins Class Submarine

Supplied Thales with laminated mil spec aluminium shim components to aide maintenance of submarines.

Australian Defence Force

Specialised foam backing for body armour.