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We manufacture gaskets onsite and produce custom-made products using our wide range of non-asbestos fibre materials. Our range of non-asbestos fibre materials is extensive.

Our Non-asbestos Fibre Material Range

Browse through the following list of popular non-asbestos fibre materials used for gaskets and other bespoke applications. If you are interested in a fibre material that is not listed below, contact us to discuss your requirements and the possibility of sourcing this for you.


Fibre Material Options


TESNIT® BA-50 has good thermal and chemical resistance, which makes it appropriate for use in a wide range of applications. TESNIT® BA-50 is well suited for use with potable water supply and shipbuilding.

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TESNIT® BA-AUTO is soft gasketing material with controlled swell properties. It is a sealing material based on aramide fibres and selected rubbers. It is specially designed for sealing at low surface stress on rough or uneven sealing flanges. The controlled swelling of gasket material in such case compensate the loss of specific surface pressure in application. TESNIT® BA-AUTO is widely used in automotive industry.

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TESNIT® BA-CF has excellent thermal and chemical resistance to strong alkaline media. TESNIT® BA-CF is suitable for high temperature applications, petrochemicals and for the paper and cellulose industries.

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TESNIT® BA-GL combines excellent thermal and chemical resistance with outstanding mechanical properties, especially bolt torque retention. Thus, TESNIT® BA-GL is particularly suited for gas and steam supplies, heating systems, pumps and compressors.

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DONIT | TESNIT® BA-N with chemical stability

TESNIT® BA-N consists of aramide fibres and CR Chloroprene rubber, so the material is specially suitable for the different media in the refrigeration industry. TESNIT® BA-N has in addition very good mechanical properties and thermal resistance which in combination with good general chemical resistance makes the material. TESNIT® BA-N also very appropriate for the general application.

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TESNIT® BA-R has very good mechanical properties (resistance to high internal and surface pressure). TESNIT® BA-R is designed for the automotive and engine-building industries.

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TESNIT® BA-R302 has superior thermal resistance coupled with excellent mechanical properties and blowout safety. TESNIT® BA-R302 is designed for the most demanding high temperature applications like those within ships engines.

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TESNIT® BA-U combines very good thermal, chemical, and mechanical properties that makes TESNIT® BA-U as a general-purpose gasket material. It is well designed for gas and potable water supplies.

View our Certification for BAU for Drinking Water.

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DONIFLEX® G-LD is an advanced composite material based on graphite and aramid manufactured under organic solvent-free conditions. DONIFLEX® G-LD combines the advantages of the chemical and thermal resistance of graphite with the strength of aramid. This ‘’low density’’ material has high compressibility, good stress resistance and is highly flexible in adapting to uneven flanges. It has a wide application range in particular for steam supply, chemicals and heating systems.

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Gasket material with controlled swell properties and-light-to medium loadings. Very suitable material for coarse flanges and with good resistance to water steam, air, and gases, non-aggressive media.

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LAMONS | L110 Matrix

L110 is a superior performance biaxally orientated PTFE gasket material with the addition of a Barium Sulphate filler system. L110 is used in sealing food, pharmaceuticals and other chemical media. The material complied with the requirements of FDA regulations and is acceptable for use in aqueous hydrofluoric acid below 49%.

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SEALRIGHT | Cellulose Fibre Jointing

Very economical, Price factor important when dealing with original equipment and replacement markets. Excellent oil and fuel resistance. Seals better at lower cost.

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Fibre Material Options

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Rubber Material Selection Tool

Choosing the right material depends on many variables, this selection tool includes some. Speak with us prior to confirming your choice.

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