High Temperature Gaskets & Materials

We manufacture gaskets onsite and produce custom-made products using our wide range of high-temperature materials.
Our range of high-temperature materials vary to meet your requirements.

Our High Temperature Material Range

Browse through the following list of popular high-temperature materials used for gaskets and other bespoke applications. If you are interested in a high-temperature material that is not listed below, contact us to discuss your requirements and the possibility of sourcing this for you.

High Temperature Material Options


Non-asbestos laminated jointing roll, composed of beater addition paper sandwiched in two perforated tinned steel sheets. The beater add layer is composed of mineral fibres and fillers, bonded with elastomer.

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MAGLAM is a triple layered composite material consisting an asbestos-free fibre core mechanically laminated on both sides with a 0.2mm thick tanged tinplated steel facing. MAGLAM material will cope with temperatures up to 600°C which makes it ideal for exhaust manifolds, turbos and other high temperature applications.

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Fireshield 1000 Millboard

Composition is Millboard based on mineral fibres.

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GYLON® Style3545

The GYLON® Style 3545 is a highly compressible microcellular PTFE with a rigid PTFE core for improved handlability. The GYLON® 3545 designed to compress and conform to irregular or damaged surfaces, making it suitable for flanges that generate lower compressive stresses, such and glass-lined flanges and equipment.

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THERMa-PUR™ Style 4122

THERMa-PUR™ is a proprietary new gasketing material designed for use in high temperature sealing applications. It is produced using an environmentally friendly solvent-free process and combines a unique formulation with a patent-pending fibre core. THERMa-PUR™ is yet another innovative Garlock Sealing Technologies sealing solution that provides more than just temperature resistance.

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Glass Tapes | Plain & Ladder

Material for thermal insulation.

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Industrial Friction Material

AFS 15 Sheet material

AFS15 is a non-asbestos non-metallic rigid moulded flat sheet material having a randomly dispersed base of mineral fibres and selected friction modifiers.

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MICALIT contains a high percentage of phlogopite mica flakes, impregnated with a silicone binder. It has excellent thermal and good chemical properties, making it suitable for high temperature applications in the automotive and steel industry for exhaust systems, gas turbines, oil and gas burners, furnaces and ovens. It also offers good dielectric and low thermal conductivity properties.

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Millboard 750 BIO

Ceramic free millboard based on mineral fibres.

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Nefalit Millboard

A non-asbestos board providing good thermal insulation, long life and ease of use with simple wood working tools. Nefalit can be drilled, sawn, glued and moulded for a vast range of industrial uses.

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novaform® SK

High-quality aramid fibres and functional fillers are the basic materials used to manufacture novaform® SK, reinforced by a galvanised zigzag twill fabric (1.0314), homogeneously embedded in an NBR matrix.

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Solid Silicone Sheet

Silicone rubber products have an excellent resistance to ozone, oxidation, ultraviolet light, corona discharge, cosmic radiation, ionising radiation and weathering in general.

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Sealrite Expanded Graphite

Pure expanded mineral graphite products provides an excellent gasket material for high temperature, high pressure applications or for applications where the gasket width is relatively narrow.

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SUPRANITE® V01 is made of chemically and thermally exfoliated vermiclite giving high-temperature properties comparable to those of compressed asbestos gaskets.

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Victor Reinz


Xtreme Plus consists of a tanged stainless steel core with a layer of fibre reinforced mica material applied to both sides. The core is made of a 0.20 mm thick stainless steel sheet (material 1.4828). Apart from expanded mica, the coating contains high temperature resistant fibres and a small amount of high-quality elastomers as binding agents.

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High Temperature Material Options

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Rubber Material Selection Tool

Choosing the right material depends on many variables, this selection tool includes some. Speak with us prior to confirming your choice.

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