Meet Thiago: Leading Production and Quality at Queensland Gaskets

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Meet Thiago, our Production and Quality Engineer at Queensland Gaskets, whose dual roles illustrate our commitment to the highest standards in every area of our operations. Originally from Brazil, Thiago moved to Australia driven by his aspirations in mechanical production engineering and engineering management. His background as a Mechatronics Engineer has been invaluable for our growing business.

Thiago joined us just ten months ago; however he’s had an enormous impact on our operations already. By overseeing both production and quality, he uniquely connects these critical areas seamlessly, ensuring that our commitment to excellence is more than a statement—it’s a tangible practice in our daily operations.

Thiago’s story is inspirational and showcases the hardworking and committed philosophy of Queensland Gaskets. Thiago not only beautifully fitted in the QG family but also enriched the team with his rich cultural heritage.

During the last year with Thiago on board, we have not only honoured our 70-year legacy of Queensland Gaskets but we have also boosted our capabilities, embracing new projects and expanding our customer base.

Q: What do you value the most about being part of the Queensland Gaskets team?
Thiago: The friendly, family-like environment and shared vision within the team make QG a special place. The way everyone here is committed to deliver the best for the customer is outstanding. I like that everyone is open to embracing diverse perspectives and can think outside the box ideas. It makes coming to work every day interesting and fun too.

Q: How does your previous experience fit into your current role?
Thiago: My background as a Mechanical Production Engineer and a Mechatronics technician has been essential in understanding the intricacies of our production and the technical demands of our products. I love our forever growing facility and I enjoy being able to integrate the new state-of-the-art machines in our operations.

I ensure that all our equipment operates efficiently and meets strict quality standards. My responsibilities include conducting regular audits and reviews to ensure compliance with established procedures. Our commitment to quality starts from the initial quote and extends through manufacturing, quality assurance, and final dispatch to the customer. This thorough oversight helps prevent errors and ensures consistent product quality.

Having developed procedures for new machines like the laser cutter, I have a deep understanding of how to optimise operations while maintaining quality. This ability to etch and cut multiple parts simultaneously significantly enhances our production capabilities. My experience in previous role at Ford Motor Company has been highly beneficial in managing our advanced equipment and upholding the high-quality standards recognised by our ISO 9001 certification.

Q: What new skills have you learned, and what are your plans for the future at Queensland Gaskets?
Thiago: Since joining QG, I have developed my skills in strategic project management and quality management techniques and processes. As we as a business aim for an expansion into more specialised markets, I plan to further integrate innovative practices into our production processes and enhance our product offerings to not only comply with the industry requirements but exceed customers’ expectations and set new industry standards.

Q: How do you see the role of integrated quality systems in a business like QG?
Thiago: Integrated quality systems are vital—they ensure that every aspect of our operation aligns with our high standards that are required by industries such as defence, aerospace, construction or utilities that we serve. This integration helps us maintain consistency, reduce waste and improve overall efficiency, which is crucial for staying competitive in the market.

Q: How important is it to have the right processes in place? Can you give an example?
Thiago: Having the right processes is crucial. For example, our recent implementation of a new tracking system for our production has significantly reduced errors and improved turnaround times. This system allows for real-time quality checks and adjustments, which is essential in maintaining our reputation for excellence and reliability.

Having the right processes in place is crucial for ensuring consistency, efficiency and quality in any operation. At QG I have established procedures to guide operators and clarify the workflow in the factory. These processes ensure that tasks are performed consistently by everyone, which is essential to avoid errors and discrepancies.

For example, without clear procedures, tasks might be done differently each time, making it difficult to achieve consistent results or maintain efficiency. This inconsistency can lead to defects and unnecessary costs, affecting our business negatively. Additionally, it’s not enough to have good processes; it’s also critical that these processes are followed diligently. Many errors occur because procedures are not adhered to.

Part of my job is to ensure strict compliance with our processes and procedures, which is key to reducing errors and improving our overall operational effectiveness. This approach is essential to avoiding and resolving problems, underscoring the importance of proper processes in achieving excellence in operations.

Q: Have you had any recent audits at Queensland Gaskets?
Yes, we recently underwent an external surveillance audit. The auditors examined key aspects of our operations, such as calibrations, our business plan and supplier lists. The audit concluded very positively, with results that underscored our consistent control and compliance with processes throughout the organisation.

It was a strong affirmation of our commitment to continuous improvement and compliance with all regulatory and customer requirements. This feedback is important as it validates the effectiveness of our integrated quality and management systems, ensuring we maintain high standards that contribute to our operational success.

Q: What is your favourite machine at QG and why?
Thiago: My favourite machine is definitely the laser machine. It stands out for me because I am very familiar with it—I was involved with it from the moment we received it. I had to develop the procedures and learn how the machine worked, which gave me a deep understanding of its capabilities. What impresses me most about the laser machine is its versatility and speed. It can etch various materials and achieve different colours, depending on the material.

For example, with metals, we can create a whole range of colour tones. It’s also remarkably fast, allowing us to etch multiple parts at once, significantly cutting down the processing time. This machine has not only helped enhance our productivity but also allowed me to directly contribute to improving our operational efficiency.

The waterjet is another machine that I really appreciate. It’s our key player in precision and efficiency, handling a variety of materials which is crucial for our complex cutting tasks. This machine is important for maintaining the quality and efficiency of our production processes due to its ability to cut cleanly and minimise waste. Its fundamental role in our operations and the precision it brings to our tasks make it a standout machine for me.

Q: How do you keep up with changes in industry standards and technology, and how do you apply these updates to improve processes and maintain compliance?
Thiago: I stay updated with industry standards and technology by attending workshops, training sessions and by reading industrial magazines. I regularly review our processes to identify any gaps with new standards and work with my team to update our procedures accordingly. We then train everyone involved to ensure full understanding and compliance. This approach helps us maintain high standards and improve our efficiency continuously.

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Queensland Gaskets is an Australian family-owned-and-operated manufacturing business situated in the Salisbury industrial area of Brisbane. QG has been manufacturing high quality products using advancing cutting technologies for more than 65 years.
We operate an ISO9001:20015 Quality Management System to consistently provide products that meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements, and strive to enhance customer satisfaction in everything we do.

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Carl Quarterman

Owner and Managing Director

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Carl began his career working for BP as an Industrial Chemist before progressing through the company to become a supply chain specialist. For over 14 years, he operated extensively in the global business, focusing on supply chain management and integration.

His devotion to becoming a world-class leader started during his service in the Army Reserve, where he developed a particular interest in Australia’s Defence capability.

After serving on the Management Committee, Carl was elected President of the Australian Industry Defence Network (AIDN), Queensland in 2016 and in 2022, was appointed Chair of the AIDN National Board. Carl has an unwavering commitment to supporting and cultivating a strong defence industry in Australia.

With strong leadership skills and global corporate experience, Carl took up the Queensland Gasket reins in 2012. Since then, the company has continued to work closely across industries utilising his supply chain network, as well as adapting to meet the changing needs of consumers, technologies, and business opportunities.

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Choosing the right material depends on many variables, this selection tool includes some. Speak with us prior to confirming your choice.

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