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CNC is an acronym for Computer Numerically Controlled. Cutting machines that use CNC programming, produce superior, high-quality output that’s not easily achieved through non-CNC industrial cutting techniques.

Our CNC Cutting Service transfers your electronic drawings and schematics to our specialist machines, enabling the CNC machine to trace the drawing and cut the dimensions as per your drawing specifications.

At Queensland Gaskets we have a variety of CNC cutting machines to accommodate your laser cutting design projects. These include an Abrasive Water Jet Cutting machine, a CNC Table Router, CNC Knife Cutter and a Laser Cutter.

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What materials can CNC cutting cut?

We offer a wide range of CNC Cutting Services including Waterjet, Laser, CNC Knife Cutting, and Router.  This means that we can cut a huge selection of materials and select the best cutting method taking into consideration the properties of the material. 

For example if a material does not like water, then we can press cut, CNC knife cut, router, or laser cut the material. If burnt edges or heat effect from laser is a concern, then we can waterjet cut materials ensuring the properties of the material are not affected.

When to use our CNC cutting services

Our manufacturing processes and capabilities are set up for:

CNC cutting methods are ideal for prototyping small quantities before deciding on what the optimal production manufacturing method should be.

When prototyping, a number of determining factors are considered to ensure that the process from your drawing to your desired products is optimised. These include but are not limited to:

We are experts in custom CNC design and machining and invite you to speak with us about your next custom or pre-designed CNC project

CNC Cutting Queensland Projects

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Choosing the right material depends on many variables, this selection tool includes some. Speak with us prior to confirming your choice.

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After serving on the Management Committee, Carl was elected President of the Australian Industry Defence Network (AIDN), Queensland in 2016 and has since contributed to and supported the AIDN National Executive, cultivating a strong relationship with Defence Jobs Queensland.

With strong leadership skills and global corporate experience, Carl took up the Queensland Gasket reins in 2012. Since then, the company has continued to work closely across industries utilising his supply chain network, as well as adapting to meet the changing needs of consumers, technologies, and business opportunities.

Rubber Material Selection Tool

Choosing the right material depends on many variables, this selection tool includes some. Speak with us prior to confirming your choice.

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